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Communication      Creativity     Resilience      Trust        Confidence     Positivity

At Public, we believe that glassmaking has numerous important skills to teach young people.  Teamwork, concentration, quick thinking and S.T.E.A.M are at the heart of everything we do; it's the perfect hands on activity to touch all aspects of student learning. 


Explore our options below, or contact us to learn how your child or classroom can experience the transformative medium of glass!

Light a Spark

Light a Spark

Our Light a Spark program pairs youth with professional artist mentors to learn about life through glass studio culture. Weekly visits in a semester-based program allow the studio, and the students, to open up in a whole new way!

Teen Camps and Classes

Teen Camps and Classes

Unique hands on experiences in a variety of lengths. You'll be sure to find a format that suits their interests, and your schedule, the best!

Field Trips

Field Trips

Bring your class to Public Glass to learn about art, science and more through the exciting medium of glass! Email us to arrange a custom visit!

Public Glass is Art, Science and so much more!


cience - From the chemistry that produces the vibrant colors of glass to the physics of how it moves, the incredible material of   glass is something every science class should see in action!

echnology -  Innovative processes and breakthroughs in technology have produced stronger, clearer glass for phones and       architecture, enhancing all of our lives.



ngineering -  Glass studio design involves thermal controls, insulation and combustion; it's where the science of conservation   and sustainability comes to life!


rt - As a material for expression, glass is illuminating and can provide a lens to delve into the center of any issue; it has an   unparalleled potential for creating thought-provoking and unique beautiful objects.


athematics - Glass compatibility, tuning the melting furnaces and creating detailed casting molds are just a few examples of how the glass studio is the perfect place to connect numbers with physical results.

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