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Our warm shop includes equipment for slumping/fusing, stained glass, and kiln casting. There are 6 total work tables included in the use of any warm shop rentals. 


Fusing/ slumping have 3 dedicated kilns that will go up to a full fuse using Sentry 2.0 controllers


Stained glass and fusing

There is access to 4 glass all star grinders, disc grinder, and ring saw. Tools included in the warm shop are glass cutters, grozer pliers, running pliers, cutting oil, light box and ceramic molds. Renters are expected to provide their own consumable materials such as kiln wash, fiber paper, copper foil, solder and sheet glass. Exhaust hood available for stained glass when soldering for air circulation. For prices and kiln sizes see the chart below.

Kiln Casting Room

 There is a mold room for rent for making plaster silica molds with 3 dedicated casting kilns, steamer, work table, mold drying shelf, and wax station that is ventilated. The mold room can be booked at $15/hour and casting kilns rented separately. The mold room is free for members with old Public glass memberships. Starting June 2024 the mold room will not be included for free in any memberships but instead must be rented hourly. Consumable materials such as: Plaster/silica, mold release, and silicone are not provided.  Plaster and silica are available for purchase by pound through Art Flow for $5 per pound for either material.


Warm Shop rental includes:

  • Flat-glass cutting / layout table

  • Wet diamond edge grinders

  • Two top loading fusing / slumping kilns

  • One front loading fusing kiln (Paragon Kiln)

  • Three top loading casting kilns- Casting kiln 1 with Sentry 2.0 controller, Casting Kilns 2 and 3 on GB 4 controller

  • Ventilated mold-making facility

  • Ventilated wax pots and steamer

Booking Policies:

Warm shop members must book 24 hours in advance and all cancellations and rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance.

Please note: We rent to nonmembers as well. All non-member rentals must be processed by email to, and your request must be approved and the invoice paid before rental time. Any requests made in less than 72 hours for nonmembers will not be approved


Warm Shop Kiln Pricing

Choose between the Basic membership for 10% all rentals or the Premium membership for 20% all rentals. Monthly and yearly formats available. 

Storage lockers available for rent in the warm shop. The locking silver storage unit is $25 per month and must be a member to rent. Inquire at for availability

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