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Rentals in the Warm Shop are booked based on kiln firing time at $50–100 per 24 hours for non-members and $30–60 for members. Shorter or longer firings can be pro-rated to the hour. Rental includes access to basic tools, small scrap glass and the equipment outlined below. The mold room can also be booked at $10/hour for non-members and free for members, plus material costs. Renters are expected to provide their own consumable materials such as kiln wash and fiber paper.


Warm Shop rental includes:

  • Flat-glass cutting / layout table

  • Wet diamond edge grinder

  • Two top-fired fusing / slumping kilns

  • Three casting kilns

  • Ventilated mold-making facility

  • Ventilated wax pots and steamer

Please note: All non-member rentals must now be processed by email to, and your request must be approved before rental time. Please allow 48 hours for processing.


Warm Shop Kiln Pricing


Extended kiln firings are charged at a 50% daily rate

Warmside Membership


For Public Glass members that visit the Warm Shop a little more often, we also offer frequent-renter memberships which include either 2 or 4 free kiln firings and discounted additional firings, a designated shelf space, secure storage and 24-hour access to a common work area. 

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