Support Public Glass!

As a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit, we rely upon the generous support of individuals like you.

Tax ID #94-3253918. All or a portion of your donation may be tax-deductible as prescribed by law.

Your Donation Will Help Fund:


  • Renovations to address current fire code requirements that will ensure the continuation of Hot Glass Cold Beer
  • A quieter and more efficient ventilation system
  • A reoriented hot shop for efficiency, safety and better viewing during demonstrations
  • A relocated cold shop in a larger and more soundproofed location
  • New exit doors
  • Perimeter walls with 1 hour fire separations
  • A consolidated and expanded office space to accommodate our growing staff
  • A more informative, spacious and inviting “Art Lobby” that clearly articulates the talent and uniqueness of our artists and the organizations mission to provide access to all
  • Your donation of $50 could buy us a brand new pressure regulator for our gas line and improve efficiency in our hot shop!


  • Your Donation of $200 will help us better light our flameshop! 


  • Your Donation of $500 would buy all new supplies for youth project creation.


  • Your Donation of $1000  would fill our furnace with glass for an entire week.


  • Your Donation of $1500 would allow us to create our own supply of oxygen with a new condensor, saving thousands of dollars each year.


  • Your Donation of $2,000 will give 1 Child access to glass for an entire semester.


  • Your Donation of $5,000 provides a whole year of glass education for 1 Student.


  • Your Donation of $50,000 singlehandedly ensures that our Light A Spark outreach program continues for an entire year.