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Public Glass is a 501(c)3. All or a portion of your donation may be tax-deductible as prescribed by law. Tax ID #94-3253918.

Direct Mail can be made to: Public Glass | 1750 Armstrong Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124

To donate Stocks, or from a DAF, ETF, Trust or Foundation, please contact us for account info and instructions.

Public Glass is excited to announce our latest matching campaign. A very generous donor ha

Over the past month, our incredible community of members, supporters, artists, and donors united to propel Public Glass toward our

Giving Season Matching Goal.

Through a collective effort, we not only met but exceeded the challenge set by a generous donor, matching their $25,000 donation.

As December draws to a close, an outpouring of additional gifts have propelled us beyond this milestone, enabling us to significantly surpass our 2023 fundraising goal.

As we embarked on our 2023 funding journey, we acknowledged our initial fundraising goal of $75,000 from 2022 and made the decision to elevate our target to $85,000.


Our objectives were to reconnect with our community, explore new avenues for donor engagement, and showcase the value of our programs to our supporters through sustained growth.

Remarkably, this year, our collective efforts have yielded a total exceeding $100,000! This sum encompasses the success of both our Giving Season Matching campaign and our Summer Matching campaign, alongside generous contributions from our Board Members and our Sustaining Members. 

Your Generosity Makes All The Difference

With your support Public Glass succeeds at our mission of making access to glass a possibility for everyone!

At Public Glass we are committed to providing access to the artistic resources needed to make explorations in creativity and glass a possibility for everyone. As a non-profit organization, and the last remaining public access glass studio in San Francisco, we need the support of our city to keep this multifaceted medium available to all. 


Our mission is designed to break down barriers and connect people through education and entertainment. Bridging Bay Area communities ensures a new generation of residents are invested in the creative culture that San Francisco is known for. 


Your support offers Public Glass an opportunity to teach creative expressions to our community and offering subsidized workshops to youth and seniors while providing living wages to our staff and artist instructors.

Generous Public Glass Sponsors

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