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Since 1996, Public Glass has been San Francisco's only public access glass studio and school. We started as a small, underfunded arts studio and have continued to grow and learn each year. We still rely on volunteers, donors, and community engagement today. Public Glass, a 501c3 arts organization, provides resources, facilities, and education programs for artists and the community. We seek your support to renew and enhance our studio equipment. Our goal: $100,000 over two years. Your contribution fuels our mission to make glass art accessible to all. Join us in shaping creativity, support our glass studio!

Public Glass is a 501(c)3. All or a portion of your donation may be tax-deductible as prescribed by law. 

Tax ID #94-3253918.

Direct Mail can be made to: Public Glass | 1750 Armstrong Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124

To donate Stocks, or from a DAF, ETF, Trust or Foundation, please contact us for account info and instructions.

Generous Public Glass Sponsors

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