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Art Flow 

What is Art Flow?

Studio space provided beyond class hours to enhance artists' experiences


Art Flow offers 3-hour studio sessions guided by an experienced artist mentor, who will assist participants in safely managing equipment and procuring included materials. Participants are self-directed in individual projects. Artist mentors will be present, working on their own creations and available to address questions and support activities across  select studios. Artist mentors are not actively teaching participants during Art Flow.

Flame Shop

Oxygen/Propane Torches, 

Borosilicate & Soft Glass

Warm Shop

Flat Glass Kiln Forming, Fusing, Slumping & Stained Glass

Casting Shop

Lost Wax Glass Casting & Mold Making

Cold Shop

Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Sandblasting & Gluing.


  1. Complete Level 1 (or equivalent) in corresponding studio

  2. Participants outside the PG curriculum will need to complete a studio orientation prior to booking

  3. For Cold Shop bookings complete a studio certification

Equipment & Materials Included in Art Flow

Flame Shop

Book a 3-hour session on the Flame Shop torch


  • Torch, Gas, Annealer access

  • Flame shop tools

  • Protective eye ware

  • Marble molds

  • Mandrels


  • ​30 inches of clear glass tube or rod


*Colored glass is NOT included in Art Flow Rentals

Warm Shop

Fusing, Slumping & Stained Glass

Book a 3-hour session on the Warm Shop table


  • Cutting, grinding & soldering tools

  • Copper foil & solder up to 5" x 5"

  • Ceramic molds and Kiln wash

  • 24-hour Kiln Firing*


  • ​Up to 1 lb of clear scrap glass & 1 lb colored scrap glass**


*Kilns firings are shared & managed by artist mentors


** Kiln fire paper is not included( $5 per 20x20in sheet)

**Flat scrap glass from designated bins only. Full sheets of glass are NOT included

Casting Shop

Mold Room & Casting Kilns

Book a 3-hour session in the Mold Room


  • Mold room tools

  • Wax steamer & tools

  • Recycled Wax*

  • 48-hour Kilns Firing**





  • Up to 2 lbs of silica & 2 lbs of plaster


*Wax should be returned to Public Glass


**Kilns firings will be shared and managed by artist mentors


**Casting glass must be supplied by participant

Cold Shop

Book a 3-hour session in the Cold Shop


  • Sand blaster, flat wheel, wet saw, belt sander, polishing wheel, lathe

  • Bits, belts, wheels and flat discs


  • Grits and Cerium


Participants are required to complete a Cold Shop certification prior to using the studio independently.

Signing up

All bookings must be booked on the website. Same day bookings are welcome

(up to 5 mins before start of session).  

Students will be expected to show booking confirmation to artist mentor. 

Membership Rates Apply, Please Use Your Member Code During Bookings

Picking Up Your Work

The red shelves located near the Flame Shop will store PG Student & Art Flow works. Participants will be able to leave projects on the shelf to be worked on for future weeks only if it is labeled with your name and date. All work coming out of kilns: flame, fusing, will also be put on this shelf to be picked up. Castings with mold waste will be left in Mold Room on the Student Rack. Public will not be labeling works when it is put on the shelf from the kilns. Students are expected to keep track of their own projects, and all work must be picked up with in 1 month.

Additional Materials are Available for Purchase Through Artist Mentors

If you require additional materials during your session, you can purchase these right though our store.

Flat Glass Fusible/Stained Glass

*Scrap glass only from designated bins- no full sheets available

  • Clear - $10/lb

  • Colored - $15/lb

  • Kiln Fire Paper- $5 per 20 x 20in sheet

Plaster/Silica (sold individually/lbs) 1 Lbs $5

*Casting glass not included, participants must provide their own.

Clear Boro Glass Rod (any diameter) 30" - $20

Clear Boro Glass Tube (any diameter) 30" $15

This program is designed as a launch pad for new artists of the PG Family and has been priced to reflect the sharing nature of a growing community. 

Please do not stock pile materials or take home unused quantities.

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