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Rentals in the Hot Shop are generally booked in three-hour increments called "blow slots" and cost $170 for non-members, with decreasing rates that correlate to our Studio Memberships. 


Hot Casting is occasionally scheduled and open for rental; as this is particularly material-intensive, please contact us to determine the needs of your project.


Hot Shop Facilities:


  • 600 lb. pot furnace, melting Bomma Cullet

  • Four benches, each with a 12" or 22″ diameter glory hole and rolling yoke

    • 12" Holes are available for rent at Bench 1 and Bench 4

  • Pipe cooler

  • Pipe warmer

  • Color pick-up oven

  • 60″ × 32″ × 29″ front-loading annealer

  • Three 33″ × 20″ × 14″ top-loading annealers

  • 36″ × 18″ × 14″ garage

  • Oxy Propane Hot Torches

  • Venturi propane torch


Included Per 3 Hour Slot Rental:


  • 1/2 of a top-loading annealer

  • 25 lbs of glass

  • Use of the Color Oven

  • Basic Shop Tools- Jacks, Shears, Sofiettas, Tweezers, Paddles, Blocks, Pipes, Punties, Mapp Gas






Please note: All non-member rentals must now be processed by email to, and your request must be approved before rental time. Please allow 48 hours for processing.



**All slot costs are per 3 hours, slots can be combined as needed**

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