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Public Glass has 3 benches in our hot shop for rent. There are two 12in glory holes and one 22in glory hole for rent. We are closed on mondays to charge our furnace so rentals run from Tues- Sun. We only rent the hot shop in 3 hour sessions.

Rentals Times

Weekdays: 8am -11am, 11:30am - 2:30pm, 3 - 6pm, 6:30 - 9:30pm 
Weekends: 9am - 12pm, 12:30 - 3:30pm, 4pm - 7pm, 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Nonmember Prices

$155 small 12in hole, $175 large 22in hole for 3 hours


For cheaper rates, check out our Studio Memberships. Choose between a basic membership to get 10% off or a premium membership to get 20% off. Monthly and yearly memberships available. Prerequisite to hotshop membership is level 4 or equivalent experience.


Hot Shop Facilities

  • 600 lb. pot furnace, melting Glasma, system 96

  • Three benches, 2 -12" or 1- 22″ diameter glory hole and rolling yokes at each station

  • Pipe cooler

  • Pipe warmer

  • Color pick-up kiln

  • 36″ × 18″ × 14″ garage

  • Two Oxygen Propane Hot Torches

  • Fluffy propane torch 

  • 5 annealers

  • compressed air 

  • sand trays

Included Per 3 Hour Slot Rental

  • 1/4 space in annealer

  • 25 lbs of glass

  • Use of the Color pick up kiln

  • Basic Shop Tools- Jacks, Shears, Sofiettas, Tweezers, Paddles, Blocks, Pipes, Punties, Mapp Gas

  • oxy propane torch at knock off station

  • color not included

Hotshop rental add ons

  • garage: $12

  • oxygen propane torch at your bench: $20

  • Fluffy propane torch: $12

  • extra annealer space: $30

  • extended annealer cycle: $30

Booking Policy for Members

​Members must book the hotshop benches 48 hours in advance to give the office time to make the annealer schedule. Members may only cancel or reschedule 48 hours from the time of the rental.

The oxy/propane torch, garage and fluffy torch can be booked 5 minutes before time of use.




**All slot costs are per 3 hours, slots can be combined as needed**

3 Hour Small Bench
3 Hour Large Bench

Please note: All non-member rentals must be processed by email to, and your request must be approved and paid before the rental time. Limited rental times for nonmembers. Please allow 72 hours for processing.

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