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We offer memberships for all levels of experience and interest. 

Memberships are not required for studio access

Non-members must rent during business hours and will not be booked without advance payment. 

Please email

A note to members who purchased memberships prior to
September 2023:

Members will be given options to adjust their membership into the 2024 Membership Structure. PG will pro-rate membership changes and provide individual support throughout the transition. We appreciate your patience. 

Memberships that are being phased out include:

  • Cold Shop Membership Add-on
  • Flame Member Plus
  • Flame Member Standard 
  • (Old) General Membership (ISW Add-on)
  • Gold Membership
  • Silver Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Warmerside 1/2 Member 
  • Warmerside Full Member
  • Professional Member

Which PG Membership Right for You?

Are you a PG student dedicated to taking classes all year?

Are you an experienced glass maker who uses the studio once a month or more?

Do you want self-serve bookings and studio access on evenings & weekends?

Do you want to join the community and receive information on member events?

Start Here! Do you have at least one year of experience with glass arts.png

Read down to learn more about each of our membership options, or start your application by selecting the preferred membership type above. If you have questions reach out to our staff at

Membrs Map
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