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Light A Spark


Joyce J Scott Sketching
Wide shot of Joyce J Scott Bead Class
Joyce J Scott Demo
Joyce J Scott Class, two seniors beading


At Public Glass our mission is based on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the glass arts.

In our studio, participants work on processes that build confidence through collaborative successes and develop sustained focus. 


The creative use of glass is equally challenging to people of all ages; for teens working to find their voice in the world, pushing through obstacles and committing to difficult processes can be a life-changing experience. For seniors coming from our neighborhood center, our arts workshops are an opportunity to try something new, exercise their creativity, and spend time with our local artists and each other. Our Light a Spark program subsidizes the cost of participating in our programs for neighbors, students, youth and adults. 


Light a Spark is supported by our donors, grants, and corporate groups to help reduce costs for programs and offer scholarships to artists looking to expand on existing knowledge or try new techniques. Our Light a Spark program also partners with all types of city organizations and initiatives to provide specific programs that cater to the needs or interests of each organization. Connect with us today to learn more!

Take a look at this video of our recent Kickstarter project to see the great work we have done, and continue to do through Light A Spark.  


The money raised through this project went toward student instruction and project supervision, transportation between San Jose and San Francisco for each group of students, the glass, equipment and materials required for the project's creation and food for the students during their trips.

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