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Rentals in the Flame Shop can be booked in one, three or six hour increments and run $18/hour for non-members and $15/ hour + discounts for members. Operating hours are mon-sun from 8am-9:30pm for members. Nonmembers rental times are limited to staff working hours.


Studio memberships are available and provide discounted hourly rates, online booking access, and no limits on rental times. Choose between a basic membership to get 10% off or a premium membership to get 20% off. Monthly and yearly memberships available. Prerequisite to Flame membership is level 1 or equivalent experience.


All flame shop rentals include the use of one torch, oxygen/propane and annealer access. Renters are expected to provide their own glass. Individual hand tools are available for rentals. Sodium flare glasses are not provided. 


Flame Shop rental includes:

  • Choice of 5 oxygen/propane torches: 4 minor, one major/minor

  • One bench-top annealers

  • exhaust hood

Booking Policies:

Members must book 24 hours in advance for all of the torches. Cancellations or rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance. 

Please note: We rent to nonmembers as well. All non-member rentals must be processed by email to, and your request must be approved and the invoice paid before rental time. Any requests made in less than 72 hours for nonmembers will not be approved

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