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Hot Glass Cold Beer
Hot Glass Cold Beer
Sep 30, 6:00 PM
Public Glass
Hot Glass Cold Beer
Hot Glass Cold Beer
Best in Glass, local breweries, food, music, and more!
Sep 30, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Public Glass,
1750 Armstrong Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA
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Monochromacy is a rare condition in humans. I see beauty in black and white: everything is in flux in between extremes. All is exposed and hidden at the same time — contour, texture, nuance, context — the truth. Spheres and circles are recurrent themes in my work. They are an ultimate metaphor of life: no beginning, no ending, inclusive yet exclusive, infinity within singularity. Highlighting these geometric mysteries in contrast, the abstraction carries the message of the irony of the universe.

Hot Shop Demo by Minami Oya

Minami Oya is a visual artist, glassmaker, and educator living and working in San Francisco, California. Born and raised on the island of Sado in Japan, Minami grew up surrounded by nature, art and a rich ancestral consciousness. Her work employs glass and mixed media as metaphorical instruments, installations, as well as works on paper, and has been shown in solo and juried exhibitions in the United States. She found her deep passion for glass in 2008 at San Francisco State University and has trained with masters and maestros in studios such as Pilchuck Glass School, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Corning Museum of Glass, and D.F. Glassworks in Murano, Italy. Minami holds MFA in Spatial Art from San Jose State University and has taught at institutions including California College of the Arts, San Jose State University, and Public Glass in San Francisco.

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You can learn more about Minami at 


Stained Glass Demo By Julie Morrice

Julie Morrice is an artist, instructor, and lover of all things glass. As a DIY enthusiast she has a passion for learning new skills and mixing mediums. In college she studied fine art, including oil painting, sculpture, drawing, classical ballet, and contemporary dance. After years of self-led study in glass, she now works in stained glass, fusing, glass clay, mosaics, and jewelry. Her work reflects her bright and bubbly personality, utilizing bold colors, unexpected materials, and quirky themes. Dichroic glass, with its rainbow colors and light filtering qualities, is an important material in her work. Inspired by the enduring yet fragile quality of stained glass, she incorporates preserved plants into her stained glass panels and jewelry.


While Julie continues to produce glass work, her focus is currently on teaching others. As she shares with her students, glass is a stunning and fragile medium which will only continue if new students and patrons are brought into the community to experience its joy and magic for themselves. Through teaching she hopes to inspire the next generation of artists who can ensure glass art lives on. She holds an MA in Education and is passionate about guiding others on their own creative journey. Julie’s work can be found at local pop ups, juried art shows, and art studios throughout the Bay Area.

Vendors & Music

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Hot Glass Cold Beer


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