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Hot Glass Cold Beer

Experience the ultimate fusion of artistry and enjoyment at Hot Glass Cold Beer! Savor the finest brews from local breweries while enjoying delectable food, live music, and much more. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of craftsmanship and community!

MAY 11th 2024

Demo Artists

Screen Shot 2024-04-26 at 2.40.27 PM.png
Jamila, a San Francisco-based artist, jeweler, and clothing maker, draws inspiration from their multicultural background and upbringing across New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, and Switzerland. Since 2013, they've adorned Clarion Alley with three murals, a surreal experience given their deep connection to the Mission district. Jamila's artistic pursuits extend beyond murals to include handcrafted jewelry, scarves, coasters, and clothing, all reflecting their passion for capturing the beauty of human expression.
Oben Abright, a figurative sculptor based in Oakland, CA, draws inspiration from human experiences and societal narratives. Born into an artistic family in San Francisco in 1980, Oben's journey into art began early, flourishing through formal training at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute of Art in Florence and the California College of the Arts. Mentored by acclaimed artists like Clifford Rainey, he discovered a passion for sculpting glass, capturing the fragility of his subjects by manipulating light and color. His evocative "Market Street Series" shed light on the overlooked, while experiences in Burma fueled poignant works exhibited globally. Represented by prestigious galleries, Oben continues to evolve, blending traditional techniques with contemporary narratives in his compelling sculptures.


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Always representing a diverse range of musical styles and their many nuanced sub-genres. Phleck has performed countless large scale events, from Lightning In A Bottle and the Fisher Block party to Bottle Rock and the Warriors Parade. Currently he holds multiple residencies at San Francisco venues including: Monarch, Persona, Laszlo and is a resident dj with: Motown On Mondays, Watch Our Step, and The Janky Barge.

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