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Weddings with Public Glass

Let Public Glass help you celebrate your wedding!  Our skilled artisans can work with you to design custom toasting flutes, drinkware, centerpieces and wedding party gifts that will make the perfect first impression and leave lasting memories.  We look forward to discussing designs, thematic elements, and a budget that will make your dreams possible.

Flutes and Drinkware

Glass is timeless.  By including handmade custom vases as your canvas, it's easy to make even the most basic flower arrangements look absolutely breathtaking.  Whether you want something minimal or over-the-top, the handcrafted glass will make your reception special.

From flutes for your first toast to custom drinking glasses for each of your special guests, we look forward to creating the drinkware that highlights your day and helps make the memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you gifts are a meaningful and personal touch that, when done well, serve as a memory for those who not only elevated your special day, but helped you get there.  No matter who they are or how they played a part, we’ll work with you to craft something that will show your appreciation, and be cherished forever.

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