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Please email to schedule a pickup time from May 12- June 10, 2024

Thank you for taking a class with us. Your item will be wrapped up and put on the pick up table located right when you when you walk in the front door. Your name, class and date will be labeled on the box/bag. Depending on the process your piece went through, will determine when it will be ready to be picked up. Please check the chart below.

Pieces will be held up to 2 months. During our rebuild May 12th -June 10th pick up will be by appointment only. There are no regular operating hours during this time. Please email to confirm a pick up time. 


Please choose the day that you took your class to see the earliest day for pick up:

Hot Glass, multi-week courses (Level 1 - 4)

Hot Glass, private Lessons

Hot Glass + Warm Side, team buildings

Warm Side, Fusing and Slumping

Warm Side, Stained Glass

Warm Side, Casting

Warm Side, Flameworking

Ready the following week on Friday

Ready the following week on Friday

Ready the following week on Friday

Ready after 2.5 weeks

Ready the following week on Friday

Varies by project, please consult instructor

Ready the following week on Friday

Did you do a team building event with us? You can have your items shipped for a fee. Please email with the following information:

1. Full Name

2. Address

3. Phone number

4. The name, date and time of the team building event

The first box is $50 to ship, each box after that is $25. Once we send you an invoice, please pay it right away so that we can ship your items to you. 

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