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General Membership

For passionate students ready to further develop their glass knowledge
This membership is meant for students taking more than one class at Public Glass
This membership does not include any rental discounts
  • 10% off of classes and private lessons in all studios 

  • For people taking multiple classes in the year

  • For people interested in all studios: glassblowing, flame working, fusing, stained glass,  cold working and casting

  • Builds confidence & community while practicing new skills


Complete Prerequisites


Complete the Member Application


Book Services:

  • Classes 

  • Monitor Hours

  • Studio Orientations

  • Rentals


Purchase a Membership

New General Membership



Every year

Available to new and returning students of the Public Glass curriculum.

 This membership is meant to help students gain continued access to taking classes through the 10% discount. This membership is best suited for students taking mutiple multi-week classes across all of the shops.  Please check out our monitored studio hours to help bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a renter. This is an annual membership not offered monthly.

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