This festive glass is up for any occasion or celebration!  These cups have small granules of glass on the outside, melted just enough to remove sharpness while enhancing the grip and beautifully refracting light.  Drinking out of a Sparkle Cup is like drinking out of a magical unicorn chalice while holding on to a disco ball, so grab one of these cups and have a great time!


Choose matching or multicolored lip wraps for your set using the options above! If you'd like a variety of colors in your order, please choose Multiple Colors and indicate your preferences in a note at check out.


Products are handmade and artistic in nature. Variation in color, swirl, tone, texture and size are inherent in the product.


10% of each PG Original product sale will go directly to Light a Spark, Public Glass's after school program which pairs underserved youth with artist mentors to learn the art of glassmaking.


* Please note that the Public Glass logo on each object is a residue-free sticker that peels right off! *


Photo Credit: Maylight Studio

Sparkle Cups- Clear

Lip Wrap Color