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Light A Spark


San Francisco's only glass-focused youth education program is based on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a process that builds confidence through collaborative successes, development of a sustained focus and constant improvement. 


Youth participating in the Light a Spark program come to Public Glass for weekly studio sessions throughout the year learn how to create individual and collaborative works using glass as a means for personal expression

For the past six years a group of teaching artists from Public Glass has worked closely with dedicated groups of students from organizations like College Track and Kipp Bay Area, both located in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco.  We are now accepting applications from all San Francisco students, broadening the impact of our program.

The creative use of glass is equally challenging to people of all ages; for teens working to be better and struggling to find a voice in the world, pushing through obstacles and commiting to difficult processes can be a life-changing experience.

Take a look at this video of our recent Kickstarter project to see the great work we have done, and continue to do through Light A Spark.  


The money raised through this project went toward student instruction and project supervision, transportation between San Jose and San Francisco for each group of students, the glass, equipment and materials required for the project's creation and food for the students during their trips.

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