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Photos courtesy of Peilun Shan

Experiencing Glass is a great opportunity to expose yourself, friends, or colleagues to this unique art form. Our private events focus on teamwork, problem solving and creativity.

Public Glass makes it possible for small or large groups to experience the enticing medium of glass in a variety of formats. From Corporate Team Building sessions to Private Parties, we tailor a learning experience through which your group will bond and create their own art glass pieces.


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Due to the detailed planning involved in creating a unique experience for your Team Building Event, we require payment upon booking.  Should you need to change or cancel your reservation, the fees are as follows: A person who joins within 48 hours of the event will result in a standard rate fee + a $150 fee.

Rescheduling more than two weeks from event: $100

Rescheduling within two weeks of event date: $250 *

Cancellation after payment (if you cancel 11 days or more before the event) : $375 *

* We apologize, but event changes or cancellations with less than ten days notice cannot be accommodated, refunded or credited. Thank you for your understanding.

Here is the pick up schedule:


Team Building Options

with Public Glass

Hot Shop 

6 - 18 participants

$175/person | 3-hour session

Our team building events start with a safety tour and instructor demonstration of a colorful paperweight. Then participants are divided into teams and each member makes their own paperweight with the help of our instructors and their teammates.

For $215 per person your team can make cups, ornaments or pumpkins instead. We add a flat fee of $150 for groups of 12 or more.


Warm Shop

6 - 30 participants

$135 per person | 3-hour session

Our fused mural workshop is starts with a safety overview, after which the instructor will introduce participants to the process of cutting, shaping and assembling sheet glass for the creation of a unique and colorful mural. Each participant will receive one smaller square to decorate that will be fused into one larger sheet to create an amazing team mural. We love to incorporate a logo or symbol that is meaningful for your group into that fusing project. The fusing is heated in a kiln and cooled down to room temperature the next day, so you can pick it up a few days later or, we can make shipping arrangements for you. 

Your team can opt to do individual projects instead. Examples would be: a coaster, a self portrait or pendants. The team would all do the same project.


Large Groups

Option One: 10 - 200 participants

$90 per person | 3-hour session


Three artists will work together at the center of the room to do a live glass blowing demonstration for your group, creating a range of objects and explaining the process throughout. Participants are encouraged to make requests and interact with our team, asking questions and engaging with the artists. This is an amazing opportunity to experience a wide range of glass techniques and have an open dialogue with professional artists. For additional fees, we can arrange catering from one of our local partners and include a hand-crafted glass for each member of your team, they can socialize, eat, drink and mingle as they please. All the objects will be yours to keep at the end of the event. 


Option Two:  6 - 24 participants 

$275 per person | 4-hour session


This is an action-packed event that combines our hot shop and warm shop team building experiences. We will split your group into two halves keeping everyone engaged either making or assisting one another, building on the collaborative nature of the glassmaking process. Everyone will arrive at Public Glass at the same time, for half of the visit they are in the hot shop working on paperweights and half of the visit they are in the warm shop working on a fused glass mural. This event format allows for each person to make a single hot glass object to take home and one fused mural for your office or headquarters. We encourage you to include catering in the package; participants can mingle throughout our studios, experiencing all aspects of Public Glass. 


For all team events:

All participants need to sign our online waiver. We require that all participants have been vaccinated or take a rapid COVID test up within an hour of the event. Masks are encouraged. Thank you.


You're welcome to bring refreshments, we ask you to provide your group with plates and amenities and help with cleanup. We can coordinate catering for a $100 fee + the cost of the caterer. Beer and Wine can also be coordinated for your event for an additional $100 fee + the cost of beverages. While we allow consumption of alcohol on the premises, no individual may consume alcohol before or during a hands-on portion of our workshops.

Hand Crafted Drinking Cups:

Our famous Hot Glass Cold Beer drinking cups can be purchased as an added gift for your team members to take home as a souvenir from your team building event. Glasses are available for $25/glass. 

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