Handmade glass tumbler made right here at Public Glass in San Francisco.

Each glass is predominately clear and has floating multicolored accent patterns over it's surface.
The shape of the cup is altered with precisely placed divots, giving each one it's own funky appeal.

At Public Glass we believe that once you drink out of a handmade glass, you know.
The care put into each vessel imbues it with a warmth and life that is simply unattainable with mass produced objects.
As a result, these glasses will be a special part of your home for years to come and they're only available from Public Glass!

Colors and shapes of glasses may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.

100%of the profits from this item will benefit Public Glass in San Francisco and will help support Light a Spark, which pairs at-risk-youth with dedicated teachers to learn the art of glassmaking.