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Light A Spark



San Francisco's remaining glass-focused education program is open to people and groups or all ages. Our Light a Spark program is based on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to experience an art-form that builds confidence through collaboration. Working with glass involves understanding the material from a scientific and theoretical perspective, it creates opportunities for people to work together on a team, and requires a sustained focus and a problem solving approach. 

At Public Glass we want to bring groups to participate, learn, growth and develop through the art of glass. Through the support of our donors and corporate events we are able to offer subsidized programming, workshops and tours for groups looking to expand their knowledge and work with a creative workshop and are working with a limited budget.

Public Glass is Art, Science and so much more!


cience - From the chemistry that produces the vibrant colors of glass to the physics of how it moves, the incredible material of   glass is something every science class should see in action!

echnology -  Innovative processes and breakthroughs in technology have produced stronger, clearer glass for phones and       architecture, enhancing all of our lives.



ngineering -  Glass studio design involves thermal controls, insulation and combustion; it's where the science of conservation   and sustainability comes to life!


rt - As a material for expression, glass is illuminating and can provide a lens to delve into the center of any issue; it has an   unparalleled potential for creating thought-provoking and unique beautiful objects.


athematics - Glass compatibility, tuning the melting furnaces and creating detailed casting molds are just a few examples of how the glass studio is the perfect place to connect numbers with physical results.

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