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Past Workshops

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Jasen Johnsen

Hot Sculpting

Fri. March 6th - Mon. March 9th, 9am-6pm 

Karen and Jasen are planning to share as many hot glass sculpting techniques that can fit in this 4 Day workshop!  They will demonstrate bit working, cane drawing, applying texture and fused powder drawings. Sculpting inside and outside the bubble and solid working. They will teach you how to use torches, the garage, and using teamwork to create more advanced pieces. Karen and Jasen plan on discussing things like color and tools and much more.

Hot Sculpting
Started Mar 6, 2020
I Say (A)esthetic, you say Esthetic
Started May 14, 2019

DH McNabb

I say (A)esthetic, you say Esthetic
Tues. May 14th - Sat. May 18th, 9am-3:30pm w/ additional trips and Introductory Monday Dinner


The intent of this workshop is to hone your (a)esthetic and your knowledge of material transformation.  How one can make is as important as why.  Here we will look at your taste and value that you have come to form through your nature and nurture. By way of discussions and on the fly critiques we will hone this ‘(a)esthetic’ sense and find what in a design, object or artwork is pleasing.  Making beauty not just something in the eye of the beholder. 


You have a voice, let's work together to develop it; not just in your physical objects but also in the way you execute them.  This will be done by running the gambit from simple shapes to complex forms and techniques that allow the maker to think differently.  Trips to both SF MOMA and the Museum of Craft and Design will inspire & be used as moments for quick projects.  The approach and the execution of ideas whether deemed – utilitarian/sculptural/decorative object/design/conceptual – can all have a place in your practice. We will understand/appreciate this through (a)esthetic(s).


The course will take place over 5 days.  Each day will have morning demos followed by instructor-guided student practice sessions until 3:30 pm, with a small break for lunch.  Wednesday and Thursday sessions will end early for museum trips, with extended work time on Friday.


The schedule is as follows:


  • Mon. Night: Intro Dinner / Discussion: Location and Time TBD

  • Tues: 9-3:30

  • Wed: 9-2:30, trip to Museum of Craft and Design at 3

  • Thurs: 9-2:30, trip to SFMOMA at 3

  • Fri: 9am-6pm

  • Sat: 9am-3:30pm




Lisa Heikka-Huber

Sculpting the Female Form

Fri. August 9th - Mon. August12th, 10am-8pm 

Learn How to Sculpt the Female form in the Flame Shop with renowned expert Lisa Heikka-Huber of Lisa's Pieces in this 4-day intensive workshop!  Detailed demonstrations and step by step guides will combine to build a framework for success, and extensive supervised practice sessions will ensure that you get it just right!  


Class runs for 4 days, 10am-8pm each day.



Sculpting the Female Form
Started Aug 9, 2019