Light A Spark Youth Program

The light a spark program is designed to engage youth in the community of glass related arts. Our studio offers an opportunity to all teens beginning at 13 years old, to try out hot glass (glass blowing, sculpting, and ladling) warm glass (fusing, casting and kiln firing) flame working (torch fired glass) and cold glass (cutting, grinding, polishing and sandblasting). Students are invited to try a variety of programs and spend time with community members while learning new artistic skills. Some students will progress to gain specific support in applying for post-secondary education in the arts.


What’s unique to the glass community is the need for interaction and partnership. At Public Glass, we work together to demonstrate the value of team work and connection within the arts community. We believe in teaching our youth program participants to value themselves, their team members, mentors and their artistic practice as they begin the guided journey to becoming artists. Participants are engaged in artistic techniques, health and safety, and independent studio practice throughout the program.



1st Year programs are designed to teach students core techniques in each discipline. Students will begin to gather a feel for the materials and various processes and will be encouraged to gain an understanding of the diverse applications available in glass.


Students will be invited to commit to a 2nd Year in the Light a Spark program where they will be engaged in group mentorship opportunities to further their technical capabilities in the studio arts. Upon completion of this year, participants will be offered certification options in the studio to enable progressively independent studio access.


3rd Year participants will be engaged in one-on-one mentorships and portfolio building classes, where they are given specific assignments to assist in developing key elements for their college applications. This year is dedicated to assisting students to find themselves in the shop and begin to better understand their interests as artists.


The 4th Year students will continue to focus on creating, documenting and writing about their art practice. These students will encouraged to TA public access classes with experienced instructors so that they can be teaching on their own during their college years. Students will have portfolio and college application review sessions through out the year and can volunteer in studio tasks to earn supervised time in the shop.


Alumni will be invited back to mentor to Light s Spark Students and to apply for teaching positions of regular public access programs.