Gift Cards



Give your loved ones the gift of glass!  Public Glass sells gift cards for both our products and our classes, in any amount you wish! 

Listed below are a few of the prices of our most commonly gifted classes and events, with links to their descriptions! 


Can't choose?  Gift cards are unrestricted, and we'll work with the recipient to design the perfect experience for them!

Simply follow this link to purchase a gift card, and redeem by emailing!


Introductory Hot Glass Classes 

  • $160- A 3 hour glassblowing workshop, like Play with Fire

  • $325- A 6 hour One Day Workshop, a glassblowing class held every weekend!

  • $770- A 5 week glassblowing workshop, like 1A

  • $725- A 3 day glassblowing workshop, like 1A Condensed

Introductory Flameworking Class

  • $350- Flameworking 101

Introductory Kiln Casting 

Introductory Fusing Class