Imagine a Public Glass that is quieter, cleaner and more spacious. Comfort and efficiency should be at the heart of every glass shop, and the future of Public Glass is centered around these principals.


In 2017 Public Glass became one of many studios under scrutiny as a result of the tragic warehouse fires in Oakland.  In order to continue hosting The Original Hot Glass Cold Beer, and the many other community gatherings that ensure our survival, Public Glass must make comprehensive alterations to our facility.

Every new person that walks through our doors is an opportunity for us to share the transformative medium of glass.  The Public Glass art lobby renovation will widen the breadth of our services by creating a professional meeting and exhibition space where we can bring our clients and community together.

Public Glass is an organization with many facets, but at its core is a community of artists.  As we move forward into the next 20 years, we hope to bring this community to the forefront in a more polished and directed way, increasing the exposure of those artists who give Public Glass its soul.

As we proudly celebrate our 20th year as one of San Francisco's premier arts nonprofits, Public Glass is launching a $100,000 capital campaign to fund the most extensive renovations since the organization first opened in 1997.
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