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Volunteers get free entry to the event!
Hot Glass Cold Beer
Hot Glass Cold Beer
May 11, 2024, 6:00 PM
San Francisco



Hot Shop Demo by Andrej Larson


Being raised on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park and spending much of my adult life in rural Australia have heavily influenced my artistic practice. My two ongoing bodies of work, the Nesting Series and the Australian Series,  echo my childhood memories of stacking stones along the Merced River. In these sculptures, I seek to convey the notion of marking significant moments in one’s life.

I graduated from California College of the arts in 2013. Following graduation, I received the Saxs Scholarship to Pilchuck Glass School.  I then became head Gaffer and the Manufacturing Manager for  Mark Douglass' Melbourne Glassworks. During the six years that I held these positions, I focused on pushing my skill and my vocabulary with glass as my medium. I recently moved back to the United States and am eager to share my knowledge!

You can learn more about Andrej at 


Flame Shop Demo by Gwynovear Gillespie

Gwynovear's artwork incorporates natural forms in surreal collages in order to conceptualize body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. Drawing inspiration from colleagues and larger figures like Salt, Laceface, and Buck, she has acquired a diverse range of techniques over the years. Her pieces exist in a realm between realism and cartoonishness, always aiming to convey a sense of motion and detachment through twists, turns, and perforations. While they may sometimes appear unsettling, the textures and protrusions of her artwork invite touch and interaction. 

You can learn more about Gwynovear online Here or on instagram Here


Gwynovear Gillespie, also known as YoungStar Glass, is a glassblower from Oakland, currently working in San Francisco, CA. She is largely self-taught, engaging in creative collaborations with fellow artists, online demonstrations, and workshops to discover innovative techniques. Currently, Gwynovear is pursuing a college education in studio and sculptural art, balancing her studies with her glassblowing career, as she continues to explore her personal artistic vision and expand her practice.

Vendors & Music

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Beer Supplied by 

Fort Point

Food Supplied by 



Self Storage Duo

Patrick Korte & Bob Mnacho

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Volunteers get free entry to the event!

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