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Mission Statement

Public Glass is a nonprofit arts organization that is committed to providing access to the resources needed to make explorations in glass a possibility for everyone.

Our mission is designed to break down barriers and connect people through education and entertainment. Bridging Bay Area communities ensures a new generation of residents are invested in the creative culture that San Francisco is known for. 


Our Story

Since 1996, Public Glass has been San Francisco's only public access glass studio and school. We started as a small, underfunded arts studio and have continued to grow and learn each year. We still rely on volunteers, donors, and community engagement today. Glass is a communal art form, and we are always looking for ways to honor and grow our community.

  As a 501(c)3 arts organization located in the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, our outreach includes a full curriculum of glass courses taught by local and nationally recognized artists, as well as programming for under served youth and adults, corporate group experiences, events, and exhibitions. 

Meet The Team

We are a small team made up of glass artists. Each of our staff members have a deep understanding of the glass community. 

Our Board Members

We have an amazing board who is dedicated to our craft. Want to join our board? Apply Here

Toby Levy


Steven Pinsky

Vice President

Rob Fore


Mary Lee Sharp


Maud Hallin 


Gary Montague


David Chanin


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